Dear friends around the globe, I want to humbly share the summary of 8 years of constant hard work with my manager (dad), where we have traveled many beautiful countries, met some of you, made new friends and got inspired too. THANK YOU for keeping track of me. I’m also really excited that my new album is really around the corner, some great musicians from countries like Argentina, Australia, Brazil, USA and Russia shared their talent to make it really great, perhaps my best album yet, I have plans to launch it in 2017.

Early in 2016 I was so honored to be chosen as the campaign image for national soda-cola SUPER COLA, who launched a nation wide campaign in Guatemala, that included the nation-wide distribution of more than 8 million cans of soda that I feel so honored to be featured on it. This is the first time a musician gets a recognition of this magnitude, reserved usually for athletes.